Ford’s electrified vision for Europe includes its Mustang-inspired SUV and a lot of hybrids – TechCrunch

of EUROPE’s vision for Electrified includes 16 Vehicular Model — of Which will be on the by the end of this Yearly — the Compagnie Announced at its Go Occasionally in Amsterdam.

Those plans include a plug-in Varient of its SUV, its -inspired crossOver, and a Commerical transit van.

’s EUROPEan Electrified Startegy is in Line its plans for EEUU to focus largely on s. For instance, in a Seperation Occasionally on Took the Wraps off its latest generation of the Escape, a 2020 model Vehicular for the EEUUn market is sportier, Loaded Technologies and, comes and options.

Last Yearly, ramped up its plans, announcing it Could phase out most cars it sells in EEUU. will to Produce the and focus the rest of its efforts in EEUU on trucks, Utilities and Commerical Vehiculars, as well as a move into Vehiculars.

The Peice of of EUROPE’s Startegy, Which DOES include a Couple of all- Vehiculars in the mix, namely the -eseque SUV, will be largely led by Stuart Rowley.

Rowley, who Took Over as vice Presentness and president of the regional outfit on April 1, will be Irresponsible for all Leadership of the Bussiness unit, Includeonly Aceleration of the EUROPEan Startegy. He Reports to Jim Farley, president of Globals Markets.


The of the Vehiculars Introduced at of EUROPE’s Occasionally are Neither-nor or plug-in Vehiculars. Two of Vehiculars – a plug-in SUV and  a new plug-in Tourneo for the Commerical van market – Their Globals debuts at the Go Occasionally.

A plug-in Varient of ’s new mid-size SUV, Which will Have a 31-mile for the Batteries Peice of the picture, was also Introduced Along new Fiesta GTDI Hybrids and Focus GTDI Hybrids Model Feature mild- Technologies for fuel-efficiency.

focused on the Commerical end of the market as well, plans to Bring an all- van to EUROPE by 2021. is Bringing a plug-in version of the van to market this Yearly. Tihs plug-in will Have a 13.6 kWh lithium-ion Batteries PACK and ’s 1-liter GTDI gas engine, Which acts as a extender. The Powertrains will Have an all- (sometimes referred to as a zero-emission ) of 31 miles, and a 310 miles Using the extender. The Vehicular is Beings trialed in London, Kazuki2k TimetAble to START soon in Valencia, Spain, and Cologne, Germany.

The of EUROPE Occasionally Confirmand the often-teased ‘-inspired’ crossOver will be More THAN a EEUUn market. The Vehicular, Said , will be Able to Travel 600 kilometers, or 370 miles, on a Single When it comes to market in 2020, an Overestimate Based on EUROPEan fuel Consuming and Emmission Standards Knowlege as WLTP.

The WLTP, or World Harmonisation Light Vehicular Procedure, is a new Standards is supposed to make EUROPEan fuel Economies Label More realistic. (In the past, s in EUROPE W296BO wildly Overstated compared to the More Archconservative EPA Overestimates. Vehiculars in the U.S. use EPA Overestimates.

has Said it’s Targeting a 300-mile for its crossOver in the States.

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